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I'm a short, outspoken twentysomething who my friends describe as perky, intelligent, introspective, empathetic, selfless, nice, fun and compassionate. I have somewhat of a weird sense of humor and often I'm funny without meaning to be. I am nerdy and damn proud of it. I'm full of contraditions and glaring inconsistancies, but I do my best to stay grounded. I'd rather drink a plain black coffee than a grande brownie frappicino, and I'd rather shop at my local thrift store than Neiman Marcus. It drives me nuts when people can't spell or use proper grammar.

I'm not using this space for whining about my personal life or going on and on about my hobbies (that's what Myspace is for), but rather as a space where I can express my opinion on everything from books, music, politics, religion, science, or sharing neat bits whenever I come across them.